Glee Club Smarties™ Books, Songbooks, Easy Piano, Sheet Music

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MIDNIGHT READER lives on @12AMpulpBUZZ @CRIMEpulpBUZZ @GAYpulpBUZZ @JeffFunk @JeffFunkErotica @PulpRetro · PulpRetro on YouTube

MIDNIGHT READER is a Twitter centric buzz syndicate focused on modern and retro pulp fiction. Noir, crime, LGBTQ, spicy, horror and hardboiled dime-store paperbacks and eBooks. I invite you to follow my tweets and hope you will come back when you’re looking for “a certain dirty.” —J.F.

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I Swing the Eighth Notes, Therefore I Am · Instantly Available MP3, CD & Songbook

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Midnight Reader/Pulp Retro Throwback (paperbacks)

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VOCAL/PIANO Selections from Glee Club Smarties™ A New Musical by Jeffrey Eric Funk · Songbook 1 and Songbook 2

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NEW RELEASES: MP3 Downloads and CD Albums · Available Instantly on all Amazon Platforms (USA, UK, France, Germany, India, Italy, Spain)

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Singles from Glee Club Smarties™ a new musical by Jeffrey Eric Funk · Selections from Glee Club Smarties™ A New Musical (Concept Album) coming in September

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Thanks to our friends at EDGE for supporting our new crop of romantic and erotic stories!

The thermometer may be dropping, but inside, things are just starting to heat up! With this bumper crop of new collections of romantic and erotic stories, gay and lesbian readers can devote those dark winter mornings and 4 p.m. sunsets to love, and other indoor sports. Cleis Press wins with “Best Lesbian Romance 2012,” “Best Lesbian Erotica 2012,” “Best Gay Romance 2012,” and “Best Sex Writing 2012,” and Hanne Blank chronicles the short history of heterosexuality in “Straight.” So snuggle up under those covers and start stoking that fire!