Glee Club Smarties™ Books, Songbooks, Easy Piano, Sheet Music

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MIDNIGHT READER lives on @12AMpulpBUZZ @CRIMEpulpBUZZ @GAYpulpBUZZ @JeffFunk @JeffFunkErotica @PulpRetro · PulpRetro on YouTube

MIDNIGHT READER is a Twitter centric buzz syndicate focused on modern and retro pulp fiction. Noir, crime, LGBTQ, spicy, horror and hardboiled dime-store paperbacks and eBooks. I invite you to follow my tweets and hope you will come back when you’re looking for “a certain dirty.” —J.F.

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I Swing the Eighth Notes, Therefore I Am · Instantly Available MP3, CD & Songbook

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Midnight Reader/Pulp Retro Throwback (paperbacks)

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VOCAL/PIANO Selections from Glee Club Smarties™ A New Musical by Jeffrey Eric Funk · Songbook 1 and Songbook 2

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NEW RELEASES: MP3 Downloads and CD Albums · Available Instantly on all Amazon Platforms (USA, UK, France, Germany, India, Italy, Spain)

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Singles from Glee Club Smarties™ a new musical by Jeffrey Eric Funk · Selections from Glee Club Smarties™ A New Musical (Concept Album) coming in September