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From the musical Glee Club Smarties™ comes an upbeat song for young singers. Earthlings celebrates all creatures—”all sizes, shapes and colors, young and old together, filling the world with love.” This light-hearted rock original from Jeffrey Eric Funk brings a great message of love among all people. Fun for all! This edition includes engraved melody-oriented sheet music with real page numbers of the octavo for Two-Part voices with piano accompaniment.

Words and Music by
Jeffrey Eric Funk

Walking through the world,
I can see all kinds of creatures.
Take a look around,
Notice all their special features.

Each step of the way
I’m meeting all kinds of people;
No two are the same.
We’re a part of one big world of…

Earthlings, special people.
Earthlings, I know we will
Meet all sizes, shapes and colors,
Young and old together,
Filling the world with love.
We can sing in perfect harmony.

I know deep inside,
We all shine with
Inner beauty.
From all walks of life,
People come together,
You’ll see!

One lesson to learn,
I’m starting to understand it,
We’re creatures of Earth
Spreading love around this planet.

Earthlings, special people.
Earthlings, I know we will
Meet all sizes, shapes and colors,
Young and old together,
Filling the world with love.
We can sing in perfect harmony.


*Lyric Sheet provided by the author/publisher and is used by permission.


Ho! Ho! Ho! Ho! Ho! Have a hot Christmas. —JF







If you’re looking for a breezy book to take along with you to a sandy beach, the hunt is over! Explore erotic desires — and lose yourself. Come along, with this Bad Boy… —JF

INDIANA | Behind enemy lines, mm fiction/gay erotica author JEFF FUNK continues his naughty typing… Read his scandalous pulp fiction here:

Since I live in Indiana, it’s strange being a writer of #mmfiction / #gayerotica. Feels like I’m “behind enemy lines” peddling subversive #lgbt #pulp propaganda. JF

MIDNIGHT READER: Twelve Erotic Tales by Jeff Funk · ·  This collection includes the first four books of the Midnight Reader series: Bad Boy, Curious, Rascal & Stranger. Twelve o’clock. Twelve erotic tales intended for mature readers.

Glee Club Smarties™

From the Author of Glee Club Smarties™ comes 
On Christmas Eve, Oliva the Maid must clean windows, dodge leprechauns and rescue the family cat while everybody in the house watches from the family room by the fireplace.  
With the help of Grayson the Butler, Danforth contends with a gang of escaped cows whose misconduct is accounted for with lots of nasty details. And Santa Claus makes a memorable entrance in this unusual story of adventure and Christmas wonder.  
Elephant guns, foggy mishaps and other harrowing ordeals are gathered in this weathered journal you’re now holding. Grab your bookmark and cozy into Amazing Tales of Danforth and Rabeena: Cows for Christmas.

Black & White on Cream Paper
Page Count: 46 pages
ISBN-10: 1494475219 
BISAC: Juvenile Fiction / Humorous Stories


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