Pulp Buzz Syndicate

PULP BUZZ is a Twitter centric buzz syndicate for modern and retro pulp fiction. Noir, crime, LGBTQ, spicy, horror and hardboiled dime-store paperbacks and eBooks. I invite you to follow my tweets and hope you will come back when you’re looking for “a certain dirty.”

Buzz for modern & retro pulp with a bang!

PULP BUZZ lives on Blogger • @12AMpulpBUZZ • @CRIMEpulpBUZZ  • @GAYpulpBUZZ • @PulpBuzzFlipboard MagazineInstagram • Weekly PaperPulpRetro channelWordPress


Sister blog to PULP BUZZ. Jeff Funk’s Midnight Reader. Since 2011.





Crime Pulp
Lesbian & Gay Pulp
Horror & Occult Pulp
Spicy Pulp


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