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MIDNIGHT READER is a Twitter centric buzz syndicate for modern and retro pulp fiction. Noir, crime, LGBTQ, spicy, horror and hardboiled dime-store paperbacks and eBooks. I invite you to follow my tweets and hope you will come back when you’re looking for “a certain dirty.”

Buzz for modern & retro pulp with a bang!

Pulp Buzz is the “thinner sister syndicate” of Midnight Reader Buzz. The new NightLite™ edition includes pulp posts, breaking tweets, author news, interviews and videos, and is optimized for fast loads on all devices. 

Fear not, the original Midnight Reader Buzz will continue ticking—and breathing—alongside its femme fatale sister, Pulp Buzz.

Last week’s MIDNIGHT READER is still posted. Next issue comes out Sunday evening. See you at midnight. ◆ JF ◇