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As It Rains In Central Park
Words and Music by Jeff Funk
International Copyright Secured. All Rights Reserved. 
Lyric sheet used by permission.


Verse 1
The drops of rain, the drops of tears;
Both fall down my face.
Can’t stand that you’re not here.
All alone in a small café;
Knowin’ that my love has gone,
Knowin’ he won’t stay…

As it rains in Central Park;
The sound of broken dreams,
The sound of broken hearts.
I watch the rain in Central Park
And try to figure out what tore us apart.

Verse 2
What happened to the man I thought I knew?
Was it something that I said? Tell me, what did I do?

A lonely bird flies to the sky.
I hear your voice cry through the night,
I hear you now in broad daylight.
I watch the New York gloom and long for you.
The biggest thing I miss is your sweet kiss.


I hear the rain…

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AMAZING TALES OF DANFORTH AND RABEENA: Cows for Christmas by JEFFREY ERIC FUNK. Things are quite strange over at Danforth & Rabeena’s house. This Christmas, they’re dealing with cows and leprechauns. Not to worry though; Olivia the maid is fully prepared for her “cow poop cleaning duties.” Get your copy of Amazing Tales of Danforth and Rabeena: Cows for Christmas today!


Black & White on Cream Paper
Page Count: 46 pages
ISBN-10: 1494475219
BISAC: Juvenile Fiction / Humorous Stories

From the creator of Glee Club Smarties™ comes AMAZING TALES OF DANFORTH AND RABEENA: Cows for Christmas On Christmas Eve, Olivia the Maid must clean windows, dodge leprechauns and rescue the family cat while everybody in the house watches from the family room by the fireplace. With the help of Grayson the Butler, Danforth contends with a gang of escaped cows whose misconduct is accounted for with lots of nasty details. And Santa Claus makes a memorable entrance in this unusual story of adventure and Christmas wonder. Elephant guns, foggy mishaps and other harrowing ordeals are gathered in this weathered journal you’re now holding. Grab your bookmark and cozy into Amazing Tales of Danforth and Rabeena: Cows for Christmas.

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