Sadly, Google+ is going the way of the Dodo and I haven’t been this bummed since Tumblr cracked down on “dirty content,” you know, the good stuff. Jeez, G+, it took a lot of work to assemble 1,978 of my closest friends and log millions of views. So…to hell with them. Come with me! I’mContinue reading “I’LL NEVER SAY GOODBYE”


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A subversive neo-pulp movement is afoot in publishing and through his syndicate Jeff Funk is collecting pieces of the PULP CHRONICLES… Follow @PulpBuzz · @ CRIMEpulpBUZZ · @GAYpulpBUZZ · @12AMpulpBUZZ

Investigate ★ Pulp Buzz Syndicate

Buzz for Modern & Retro Pulp with a Bang! Pulp Buzz is the “thinner sister syndicate” of Midnight Reader. The new NightLite™ edition includes pulp posts, breaking tweets, author news, interviews and videos, and is optimized for fast loads on all devices.  Fear not, the original Midnight Reader will continue ticking—and breathing—alongside its femme fatale sister, Pulp Buzz.Continue reading “Investigate ★ Pulp Buzz Syndicate”