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JEFFREY ERIC FUNK / JEFF FUNK has written hundreds of choral works published by Warner Bros. Publications with millions of copies in print. His music has also been published by CPP/Belwin, Kimmel Publications, Hope Publishing Company, Alfred Music Publishing and Carl Fischer Music. He wrote the opening song for the millennium NBC telecast of the 74th Annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.

He began composing at fourteen and then started publishing while still a teenager. As a classically trained pianist, his instruction lineage can be traced to Beethoven, who taught Carl Czerny, who taught Franz Lizst, who taught Martin Krause, who taught Claudio Arrau, who taught Aldo Mancinelli, who taught Funk. He graduated summa cum laude, #1 in the School of Music, from Millikin University.

His short stories have appeared in paperback and eBook anthologies published by Alyson Books, Cleis Press, Bold Strokes Books, Midnight Reader/Pulp Retro Throwback and Bruno Gmünder. He owns the record label and music publishing company, WHISPER THE NAME JEFF FUNK (ASCAP).

a division of Jeff Funk Media

As an actor, he was billed as Crawling Man in the horror film, Return in Red. He is the creator of Pulp Buzz, a Twitter centric book buzz syndicate for readers of modern and retro pulp fiction. He’s the author of the Midnight Reader series and the composer, lyricist and creator of Glee Club Smarties™ A New Musical.

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GLEE CLUB SMARTIES™ is a new musical written by American composer and author, Jeffrey Eric Funk, who has written Glee-style pop choral music since he was a teenager. 

Optimized for all devices, the Kindle edition includes engraved melody-oriented sheet music that will appeal to both new and advanced piano players as well as audiences young and old. The multi-cultural song, Voice of the Rain, features lyrics in Swahili along with a percussion part for shaker, clave and conga drums. Among the styles in this uplifting musical: jazz, pop, rock, gospel, ’50s sock hop rock & roll, Christmas songs, ballads and a lullaby. Start your parties with Glee Club Smarties!

Included are the songs Cruisin’ Down the Rockin’ Highway, Rockin’ Roller Coaster, Earthlings, Voice of the Rain, Believe in the Music, Cause For Applause, One Smile, Sing Together, I Swing the Eighth Notes Therefore I Am, Charge It!, Music of My Dreams, Let’s Turn on the Night, Hey! We’re Gonna Have a Party, Caged Bird, The Majesty and the Power, Let the Music Soar, It’s Raining Reindeer and Waiting for Santa.

Glee Club Smarties™ Complete Songbook
Page Count: 182 pages
ISBN-10: 1482781042
BISAC: Music / Printed Music / Musicals, Film & TV

KINDLE US · UK · DE · FR · ES · IT · JP ·IN · CA · BR · MX · AU

From the Author of Glee Club Smarties™ comes

On Christmas Eve, Olivia the Maid must clean windows, dodge leprechauns and rescue the family cat while everybody in the house watches from the family room by the fireplace.

With the help of Grayson the Butler, Danforth contends with a gang of escaped cows whose misconduct is accounted for with lots of nasty details. And Santa Claus makes a memorable entrance in this unusual story of adventure and Christmas wonder.

Elephant guns, foggy mishaps and other harrowing ordeals are gathered in this weathered journal you’re now holding. Grab your bookmark and cozy into Amazing Tales of Danforth and Rabeena: Cows for Christmas.

Black & White on Cream Paper
Page Count: 46 pages
ISBN-10: 1494475219
BISAC: Juvenile Fiction / Humorous Stories

AUDIOBOOK unabridged Audible & Amazon

From Glee Club Smarties™ comes a lullaby, Music of My Dreams sheet music for Easy Piano and Songbook Edition. With big notes and simple rhythms, this sheet music is arranged for beginning piano playing success! Optimized for all devices, this Kindle edition includes engraved melody-oriented sheet music that will appeal to beginning piano players.


Just past midnight, while I sleep
A song drifts through my mind
As the moonlight bathes the sea
I hear a lullaby
Such sweetly blending beauty
Hear the angels sing

And I woke softly, pausing then
To hear the music of my dreams
Gentle harps and whistling flutes
Play on and on in my dreams

While the night wind cools my room
I search my memory
And hear a phantom serenade
Of haunting melody
Just listen, join me as we
Journey to the dawn

And I woke softly, pausing then
To hear the music of my dreams
Gentle harps and whistling flutes
Play on and on in my dreams

I dream of sun-bright ocean skies
And I hear mighty waves
Whispering their evening song
Proud music of the storm

Music, the music of my dreams
Only, I can hear it
Calling me, guiding me home
And I will always hear the song
Play on and on in my dreams
Play on and on in my dreams

*Lyric sheet provided by the author/publisher and is used by permission.

This Kindle Edition sheet music is optimized for all devices and reading apps with the ability to zoom for a closer look. Formats available include: printed sheet music, Kindle Edition Digital Sheet Music, MP3 Audio Download from the MP3 store and CD.

KINDLE US · UK · DE · FR · ES · IT · JP ·IN · CA · BR · MX









(SATB, accompanied with parts for rhythm section)

The Jazz Age is the rage. And now swing sheet music is a click away! —JF

Well you know that dude who was really smart—
He came from France and his name was Descartes
He sat and thought like no other man and said,
“I think, therefore I am.”
Did you know that Descartes had a brother
Who play jazz like no other? He said,
“I swing the eighth notes just as fast as I can…
I swing the eighth notes, therefore I am.”
I swing the eighth notes, therefore I am
If you don’t swing your eighth notes,
You jazzy tunes just won’t jam
‘Coz when you play jazz you gotta play by the rules
‘Coz the people who don’t swing ‘em are the people who ain’t cool
Descartes’ brother, he had a name
That went down in the hall of fame
His first name was “Doo”
His last name was “Bop”
He had a middle initial of “S” that stood for “Shoo-bie Doo-bie Bop”

BREAKAWAY (solos ad lib.)
Doo doo Shoo-bie Doo-bie Bop, baby.
Doot doot
Doot doot
Doo doo Shoo-bie Doo-bie Bop, baby.
Doot doot
Doot doot
I swing the eighth notes, therefore I am.
KINDLE US · UK · DE · FR · ES · IT · JP · IN · CA · BR · MX · AU
PAPERBACK US · UK · DE · FR · ES · IT · IN  · B&N · BAM · IndieBound


OUT OF THE ROLLING OCEAN [choral] (SATB, accompanied)

From the composer of Glee Club Smarties™ comes a sea shanty for mixed choir (SATB), men’s choir (TBB) and women’s choir (SSA/opt. Two-Part) with piano accompaniment. “Out of the Rolling Ocean” will lull whomever hears it like a siren’s song in the night. Adapted from the poem, “Out of the Rolling Ocean the Crowd” by Walt Whitman. Written and composed by Jeffrey Eric Funk.


Out of the rolling ocean
The crowd came a voice
Whispering “I love you
Before long I must go”

I’ve come a long, long way
Merely to look on you
I could not go till I found you

Behold the ocean and the land
Hear the music of the storm
No one can separate us

Now we have met
We have look’d
We are safe
Return in peace to the ocean
I too am part of the sea

KINDLE US · UK · DE · ES · FR · IT · JP · IN · CA · BR · MX · AU


CAGED BIRD [choral] (SATB, accompanied)
Caged Bird is a gospel rock choral work for SATB Voices Accompanied with opportunities for feature soloists written by Jeffrey Eric Funk. If you’re looking for a song to fire up the audience, you’ve found it!

KINDLE  US · UK · DE · FR · ES · IT · JP · IN · CA · BR · MX · AU
AUDIO   Audio CD



THE MAJESTY AND THE POWER [choral series] (SATB, accompanied)

The Majesty and the Power is an inspirational anthem for SATB voices and piano written and composed by Jeffrey Eric Funk ideal for community choirs or sacred services.

KINDLE  US · UK · DE · FR · ES · IT · JP · CA · IN · BR · MX · AU

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