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libretto |ləˈbretō| noun ( pl. -bretti |-ˈbretē| or -brettos ) the text of an opera or other long vocal work. DERIVATIVES librettist |-ˈbretist| noun ORIGIN mid 18th cent.: from Italian, diminutive of libro ‘book,’ from Latin liber. —New Oxford American Dictionary

Glee Club Smarties Libretto Encore [Kindle Edition]

JEFFREY ERIC FUNK (Author, Illustrator)

Libretto Encore contains more lyrics from Glee Club Smarties A New Musical by Jeffrey Eric Funk. Includes the lyrics for Hey! We’re Gonna Have a Party, Earthlings, Sing Together, Let the Music Soar, Cause for Applause, Voice of the Rain, It’s Raining Reindeer and Waiting for Santa..


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