As It Rains In Central Park

Original Sheet Music (Kindle Edition)

As It Rains In Central Park
Words and Music by Jeff Funk

The drops of rain, the drops of tears;
Both fall down my face.
Can’t stand that you’re not here.
All alone in a small café;
Knowin’ that my love has gone,
Knowin’ he won’t stay…

As it rains in Central Park;
The sound of broken dreams,
The sound of broken hearts.
I watch the rain in Central Park
And try to figure out what tore us apart.

What happened to the man I thought I knew?
Was it something that I said? Tell me, what did I do?

A lonely bird flies to the sky.
I hear your voice cry through the night,
I hear you now in broad daylight.
I watch the New York gloom and long for you.
The biggest thing I miss is your sweet kiss.


I hear the rain…

Published by WHISPER THE NAME JEFF FUNK (ASCAP). International Copyright Secured. All Rights Reserved. 

Glee Club Smarties Complete Libretto

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Previously released as Libretto and Libretto Encore, Glee Club Smarties Complete Libretto features every lyric written and performed in the exciting new kid’s musical.Glee Club Smarties is a new musical written by American composer and author, Jeffrey Eric Funk, who has written Glee-style pop choral music since he was a teenager. Optimized for all devices, the Kindle edition includes engraved melody-oriented sheet music that will appeal to both new and advanced piano players as well as audiences young and old. The multi-cultural song, Voice of the Rain, features lyrics in Swahili along with a percussion part for shaker, clave and conga drums. Among the styles in this uplifting musical: jazz, pop, rock, gospel, ’50s sock hop rock & roll, Christmas songs, ballads and a lullaby. Start your parties with Glee Club Smarties! Included are the songs Cruisin’ Down the Rockin’ Highway, Rockin’ Roller Coaster, Earthlings, Voice of the Rain, Believe in the Music, Cause For Applause, One Smile, Sing Together, I Swing the Eighth Notes Therefore I Am, Charge It!, Music of My Dreams, Let’s Turn on the Night, Hey! We’re Gonna Have a Party, Caged Bird, The Majesty and the Power, Let the Music Soar, It’s Raining Reindeer and Waiting for Santa.